How to write the best compare and contrast essay?

Essays are generally common aspects of the academic life of an individual. Compare and contrast essays are rhetorical styles that outline the similarities and differences of two or more things such as places, objects, etc. the subjects being evaluated should be in the same category but differing.
It may seem very hard to write the essay, wondering even where you will start with a coherent essay on two topics.

Worry no more, in this article, we will help you write an excellent compare and contrast essay.

Writing a contrast and compare the essay

1. Choose the topic

Put in mind that this type of essay is a comparison and differences about two items, that is different but falls under the same ballpark to create a meaningful contrast and compare essay. For example, if you are writing about soccer, you need to select two footballers rather than just a footballer and a basket baller.

For example:

  • Vegetarians and meat-eaters;
  • Orthodox and Catholicism;
  • Introverts and extroverts.

2. Brainstorm the similarities and the differences

Note down two lists; one for the differences and the other one for the similarities. You may use a Venn diagram that can facilitate and help you with this process. All you need to do is to construct two overlapping circles. One should be about the topic you are discussing.

The features that are different should be noted separately, and the ones that are the same should be pointed out on the overlapping space. It is an essential visual aid since it organizes the similarities and the differences clearly that will help you write down. The incredible Venn diagram will help you get a glimpse of the things you want to write about.

However, if you need to focus on one topic at a time, you need to note down the list on a blank paper and flip it to the other side for the other topic. Put in mind that the features of the different topics that are somehow parallel. It will enable you to make an excellent argument.

3. Hone in your main argument

If you want your compare and contrast essay to be excellent, you need to go beyond writing just the similarities and differences. It will help in explaining the main point and bringing out a meaningful statement on the topic. What point is essential? What do the similarities and differences say about the subject? It will be your main argument.

4. Decide on the organization of the essay

The structure of the essay is a crucial thing to put in mind. You can decide to write one topic in detail and then move to the other. For example, comparing and contrasting Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo, you can print two paragraphs on the features of Lionel Messi and the similarities with Christiano Ronaldo. And then focus on Christiano Ronaldo in the next paragraphs.
Another style is to explain the point to point throughout the essay. You can decide on writing the similarities first and then the differences. Choose the best structure that will make sense of the argument.

5. Create an outline

Create an outline that will help you write down an essay and should fit the structure that you have chosen. The two topics need the four paragraphs to suit them: an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should be captivating to attract the attention of the readers. The body should include our main arguments, and a conclusion should be able to summarize the whole essay.

6. Fill in supportive evidence

Do thorough research to have significant pieces of evidence that will back up our main arguments. You can also add your personal experience or anecdotes to back up your arguments. all the information you add should be ready to explain how it is related to the context of your broader discussion. For example, when writing a compare and contrast essay on the cats and parrots, personal anecdotes about your friends should be used to bring a sense of the argument.

7. Write the essay with strong transition words.

Transition words are an essential aspect of your compare and contrast essay. It helps in bringing a great flow of your essay. When comparing two topics, transition words must be used. Words such as both, like, however, nevertheless, also, and many more should be applied.

8. Proofread and edit

Make sure you go through the essay first before submitting it. Go through it to correct grammar and spelling; punctuation marks all the other mistakes that may arise in your essay. There exist numerous tools that will help you fix your essay. If you find it difficult to read by yourself, give your friends to go through it first and give you their feedback.

Edit your essay to make it clear and easily readable. Ensure that the structure and the organization of the essay are correct. If necessary, give the essay to some of the experts to read and give you professional feedback to tell you if the essay is good or not.

Compare and contrast essay writing service

It is effortless nowadays to get an essay done for you. Numerous online companies will do the essay for you, for instance, PaperHelp, EssayPro , 99Papers and many more. However, when selecting these services, ensure that the sourcing services are from the legit companies as you may get scammed. Most of these companies are pocket friendly and can easily be afforded by many students.

You will get an essay that is of high quality. However, the fake companies will provide an essay of low quality, plagiarized, full of errors, and out-of-the- deadline time; hence, you need to be extra careful while choosing these services. Look for their reviews and comments carefully.


A compare and contrast essay is a type of essay that involves two or more subjects. Writing may not be easy, but we have helped you in this article by giving the steps that will enable you to write a compelling contrast and compare essay.

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