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Before using EduBirdie or any other essay writing service, be sure to read our review. Many students choose EduBirdie as their website of choice for various writing assignments. Therefore, we wanted to test the services ourselves to see if the reviews and claims could be backed up. It is important to know if a service is reliable before parting with your money. Our aim is to make sure that students easily know which essay writing services they can rely on. Instead of wasting time and effort to find the best essay writing services, you can rely on our comprehensive review. We know which metrics are most important for students, and this allows to provide a comprehensive review that will give you all the information you need to know.

Top Features

EduBirdie has many excellent features that make them a top choice for all students. One of the benefits of using this service is that you can directly see the writers they have. You can also see the relevant experience of these writers. We found many writers who have PHDs and masters degrees. This makes suitability qualified to handle all types of assignments. This transparent policy with regards to writers sets them apart from other services which do not reveal the specific experience of their writers. By allowing a student to look at which writers are available, they should be reassured that their assignments will be completed in the best quality by an expert.

EduBirdie offer a distinct range of essay writing services. This includes term papers, research essays, case studies, presentations, research proposals, application essays, annotated bibliographies, creative writing, business reports and so much more. Their flexibility and wide coverage of assignments makes them a top option for all of your academic needs.

Pricing Structure

The price of any service will of course will be an important consideration for students. The best services have the right balance between price and quality. A higher price does not always mean higher quality. The fees start at around $20 per page but it will vary depending on the specific requirements. There are also different writer levels that command different fees. If you need a specialist writer then you can expect to buy a bit more. Factors such as academic level, pages, and deadline will all contribute to the final cost. In general, the pricing structure is clear and easy to understand. EduBirdie also offer regular discounts

Delivery Speed

The speed of delivery is another crucial factor that students must take into account. High-quality does not mean much if a service cannot keep to their deadlines. The best part of EduBirdie is that their writers always deliver before the deadline. You can save a lot of stress and pressure by knowing that EduBirdie will have your assignment completed within the deadline that you set. You can communicate directly with your writer to check on progress or to provide any additional details. This another key advantage of the service since you always have a direct line of communication rather than needing to go through another person.

EduBirdie website

Discretion Policy

EduBirdie take privacy and discretion very seriously. They offer a strict guarantee that your personal details will never be shared, and that your paper will only belong to you. They also have a 100% money back guarantee if you can provide a valid reason for why the paper did not meet your expectations. You can also request a new writer if required. EduBirdie are always willing to do edits and revisions to make sure you are happy with the final essay. They are a service that truly cares about the customer experience.

Ease of Order Process

The website design is clean and easy to navigate. To get an order started you will need to go to “Hire a Writer”. Then you will see a simple order form where you can start to enter details such as academic level, pages, and deadline. Thereafter, you can choose a specific writer or let the system select a suitable writer for you. There are three levels of writers to choose from, and you can even have a look at their specific experience. You are free to ask them any questions about your topic. After, you have chosen a writer, you will be taken to a secure payment page. Your order will be confirmed, and you can check up on progress at any time by directly contacting the writer.

Final Thoughts

Overall, EduBirdie is a top provider of essay writing services on Yahoo Answers. Their personalized and tailored approach is perfect for all students. They provide an incredibly high level of service that will allow you to get the top grades in your study. We definitely recommend this provider since they will be easily able to handle all of your writing requests.

EduBirdie website